Lloyd Honeyghan is one of Britain's greatest ever boxers and in the late 1980s was considered one of the best fighters anywhere in the world.

Born in 1960 in Jamaica, Lloyd grew up in London and became the undisputed welterweight champion of the world.

When he stepped into the ring in Atlanta City in 1986, few gave Lloyd any chance against Donald Curry, at the time regarded as the best pound for pound fighter in the world. But Lloyd dominated the fight with Curry only lasting six rounds. Lloyd returned to England as WBC, WBA & IBF Welterweight Champion of the World.

Lloyd became a crowd pleaser on both sides of the Atlantic. Of his 43 professional wins, 30 came by knockout. In one of boxing's most memorable moments, Lloyd stunned Johnny Bumphus, hitting him just as the bell sounded for the start of their second round. Bumphus was still struggling to get off his stool as Lloyd raced across the ring. He needn't have bothered getting up as Lloyd soon floored him once more to end the fight.

Unhappy at the World Boxing Association staging fights in apartheid South Africa, Lloyd dumped his WBA belt in a London rubbish bin, a move which forced the Association to rethink its policy on supporting fights in the country.

For many, Lloyd was the godfather of British boxing in its golden era - a time when fights were shown on prime time terrestrial TV. And that's why almost 20 years after Lloyd hung up his gloves, The Artisans immortalised him in song. For all the great fighters that have followed, few come close to matching Lloyd's panache, flair, individuality and boxing ability.

In late 2014 the band tracked Lloyd down and persuaded him to star in the video for their debut single, "However Much I Love You, I Love Lloyd Honeyghan More" which was released in April 2015.