Jangly, catchy and shimmery guitar music mixed up with a mass of contradictions, this is The Artisans - creators of fine cheese, cakes and indiepop. Tasty - if you like your music as bitter as it is sweet. With troubled tales of British Boxing Greats, exhibitionists, failed relationships and going off the rails...

The Artisans are Glenn, Nick, Karen and Kevin, who found each other somewhere between the thick smog of Hartlepool and the bright lights of Newcastle, and through their shared love of C86, 60s and 80s bands.

Their debut single and video (featuring two former world boxing champions) created quite a stir in the indiepop world, and their debut album was released to critical acclaim in April 2019.

"Best thing I’ve heard in ages! Really a beauty. I’m in love."
Cloudberry Records. 

"For fans of the quirky as well as the classic side of music, The Artisans’ debut album will be one that even Lloyd Honeyghan will surely approve of."
I Love Newcastle blog

"I'm in cahoots with The Artisans, who just happen to be my favourite band
All the rest are just also rans, when compared to the fabulous Artisans"

Orange Juice (1984)